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Mikah's Hot Stove

Salamando threatens to sue XD

Mikah Pentatails
26 January 1983
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This five tailed kitsune may be an intelligent creature, but he sure stinks at making his very own profile -.-;;;

He undertakes a carreer as a chef. What the future holds for him is yet to be decided.

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User Number: 1341227
Date Created:2003-09-22
Number of Posts: 237

Mikah is a five tailed fox who looks at the world as a big puzzle sphere full of logical puzzles.
Strengths: Strong mind, strong willpower, fearless towards pain, resistance to sarcasm and insults.
Weaknesses: Leads his life all on his own, not good working with money.
Special Skills: Shapeshift, Mind Transfer, Tail Strangle
Weapons: Knowledge, reinforced with bow and arrow with a roll of parchment.
Inspirators: Moonstone Wind, Ash Quoll, Staryfox89, Slyphox, Lapaine, Bemanidog, Iron_Raptor, Itzafurrball, Hikitsune, Aubri.

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